Paper Towns


The next book I want to talk about is another John Green book, Paper Towns. What is Paper Towns about? It is about Quentin “Q” Jacobsen, a smart teen who is in love with his next door neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman. Margo is Q’s old friend. But while he grew up and turned left–he focuses on school, getting into college and his normal friends–she turned right–toward the world of popularity, parties and impulse. Margo is an enigma to Q. There are rumors about her wild and crazy adventures. One night Q gets to be a part of one of her adventures. After that, everything is different. Q gets sucked into her world–into her thoughts, into her motivations and into her desires–and he grows up in the process. Margo teaches Q a lot about life–about living in the moment and about feeling young and alive. He takes that with a grain of salt, and looks to his chosen future with satisfaction and understanding.

An important part of this books is Q’s love for Margo. That is his driving force. Q, a nice, thoughtful, nerdy kid, learns to let go and to explore the world around him because of her. But he also learns that the world is a chaotic place, and sometimes living a normal life can be as fulfilling as living on the wild side.

Just like Looking for Alaska, this book is an amazing read. Green writes about topics that teenagers can relate to. Love, friendship and who we really are inside. He teaches you that people are not what they seem. This book peels back people’s layers to see what is really within all of us–a person’s heart.

This is my favorite John Green book. It is smart, interesting and beautiful. He uses symbolism and metaphor masterfully, especially at the end of the book. I highly suggest you pick it up. You won’t be disappointed.

That is it for now. Until next week…

Yours with love,

Ava Lily Porter

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