The Marrying Game

the_marrying_gameI loved the book, The Marrying Game, by Kate Saunders. The Marrying Game is about four sisters–Rufa, Nancy, Lydia and Selena. In the beginning of the book, the four women deal with the suicide of their father, an eccentric man known as “The Zed.” The Zed was a strong character that shaped the girls’s lives. He went through a number of marital affairs, yet the four loved him dearly. His death leaves the girls bereft and their lives change forever. The four are at risk of losing their home, an old, well-loved building that was passed down to them through the generations. The two oldest girls, Rufa and Nancy, come up with a scheme to save the house. What is it? To marry up. They believe that is the only way to save their house. Rufa meets Berry, a rich, chubby man who helplessly falls in love with her. Nancy meets Ran, a poor but nice guy that seems better than she expected. Lydia and Selena are dealing with their own boy troubles, too. But are they the guys for them?

The Marrying Game is a fun, romantic-comedy. It is funny, smart and irreverent. It is a deconstruction of the well-loved books, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen and, Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. The book explores the social-political landscape that young women face when they are on the prowl for a husband.

Rufa, Nancy, Lydia and Selena’s plan to “marry up” to save their house is not optimal and leads the girls through various misadventures. You root for the girls… and you cringe at the same time. The book talks about the Game of Life–finding the right guy–and it talks about the truth behind-the-scenes–that love is the true foundation of a happy life and a happy marriage.

The Marrying Game is about four bold, vivacious women trying to figure it out. It is about familial love and what we would do for each other. It is about looking beyond appearances and following your heart.

The book is a great read. I suggest you pick it up if you want something sensational to read on the beach. I hope you have the chance to read it.

Yours with love,

Ava Lily Porter

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