Gossip Girl Book #1


The book, Gossip Girl, by the writer Cecily von Ziegesar is about the Upper East side social scene of New York City. The heart of the book is Serena and Blair–two former best-friends-turned-enemies.

Serena is a former “It Girl” who returns to the Upper East Side from her New Hampshire boarding school. She enters a different world than the one she left. Once popular and the center of attention, now she faces ostracism from her classmates. She faces rude remarks and gossip-mongering. The culprit of this social exclusion? Blair Waldorf–a bitchy and manipulative girl.

Blair is the opposite of Serena. While Serena is beautiful, kind and well-meaning, Blair is pretty, small-minded and ill-intentioned. Serena is just trying to be accepted, while Blair stops at nothing to get what she wants… Serena’s social destruction.

This book depicts how things are in a girls’s world, and how dangerous those waters can be. The moral of the story? Girl World can be a minefield, a jungle gym, an obstacle course… it is more treacherous than people know.

Gossip Girl is series of books, so if you like the first book you can read more. I enjoyed it so I will pick up the rest of the books in the series.

That is all for now.

Yours with love,

Ava Lily Porter

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