The Lightening Thief


This book was a really fun one to read. The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan is a fun, easy, exciting young adult book for anyone interested in the fantasy genre. The Lightening Thief is about a young boy named Percy Jackson. Percy comes from a single parent home–his mom is the only true parent figure in his life. Percy deals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and other learning disabilities. Things are not easy for him in his everyday life… and things get even crazier when Percy discovers his true identity and destiny.

Percy is a demi-god, a son of the Greek and Roman god, Poseidon. After discovering his true identity and after he encounters his first monsters, Percy is swept away to a place called Camp-Half Blood. Camp Half-Blood is a camp filled with other children of the Greek gods and godesses… other demi-gods. The demi-gods learn, train and fight to get a-hold of their special abilities at Camp. Percy is nervous when he reaches the strange new place but things get better when he meets two friends, the satyr, Grover, and the smart blonde, Annabeth, who join Percy on his adventures.

Destiny comes calling quickly. The Camp’s prophet dictates a prophecy to Percy about his role in future turbulent events. Percy immediately sets out on a quest to find a missing artifact that is so important that its loss can mean the start of World War III. Will Percy achieve what he sets out to do? Well, pick up the book to find out more.

The Lightening Thief is a fun kid’s book about overcoming your obstacles, friendship and facing your destiny head-on. It is a great adventure book that young boys and girls will both enjoy. I highly suggest picking it up for your son or your daughter.

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